Himalayan Pink Salt with Water Lily Body Wash, 500 ml

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STDV_HPSBW_500 Rs. 399.00

Himalayan Pink Salt Shower Gel, rich in skin-friendly minerals and with therapeutic properties finds its way in an indulgent body wash with the goodness of 100% pure Pink Himalayan Salt that fights acne and gently conditions the skin.

Blended with elements of pure White Water Lily that balances cell renewal in the skin, this luxurious shower gel from ST D’VENCE soothes and detoxifies irritated skin.

St. D’vence’ Himalayan Pink Salt with White Water Lily Body Wash is a uniquely formulated body wash that balances cell proliferation and cell differentiation to build a better epidermis. This body wash eliminates the accumulated toxins in the skin by improving cell respiration.  Lotus Oil, Water Lilies and Pink Salt used limits the expression of inflammation mediators balancing the PH of your skin and making it visibly healthy and fresh.

Himalayan Pink Salt this body wash not only reduces scaling, redness and inflammation but also helps to pull out those built-up toxins trapped in your body. It recharges your body, boosts metabolism and triggers its self-healing powers. St. D’vence’ Himalayan Pink Salt with White Water Lily Body Wash eliminates skin irritation by promoting better skin hydration and creating a protective film on the skin keeping it hydrated and nourished for prolonged hours.