Our Story

A commune set in the hills of the Alpes-Maritime. A quaint, artsy town that is frozen in a time-warp of the past, Saint Paul De Vence is waiting to overwhelm you with it’s rich history and culture. Known for housing one of the world's oldest perfumery schools, this small commune still carries the sillage of vintage, indulgent French fragrances.

At St. D’vencé, we pride ourselves in reviving the nuanced art of perfume making, and bringing it to your daily rituals through richly formulated personal care essentials.

Our vision at St. D'vencé is to unify personal care and fragrance secrets of yesteryear France with efficacious ingredients from around the world. Every St. D'vencé product is crafted to carefully transport you into a world of rejuvenation and rejoice.

Now, you may revere in being enveloped by the finest French fragrances, every day.