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Why St. D’vencé?

A lot of customers ask us, the meaning of our brand name St. D’vence.

The name is made in two parts.

The first part is St. which stands for Saint. Saints are the purest set of people, closest to god. Our products represent this purity. As a brand, we deeply believe in being extremely honest to our consumers. Hence our core philosophy of not adding any harmful chemicals, keeping the product as pure, transparent and honest as possible, is represented by saint.

This is also why, you will witness a lot of whites in our labelling or packaging. Almost all our bottles are crystal clear and transparent. As a brand, we want you to know what exactly you are buying. The colour of the product, the texture which you will apply on your skin, which will ultimately enter your blood, should be one hundred percent be disclosed to you and we need to be cent percent transparent about the same.

Our products are as pure and transparent as a saint.

The second part is D’vence. This was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci. He was an artist, a creator, a scientist and a botanist himself. We combine science, botany, engineering and innovation principles in all our product offerings. Through our deep rooted belief and investment in research and development, we want our brand to showcase such product innovation and engineering. We leverage the best of science to bring to you the most potent and effective products.