The Lime Time, 500ml x 2

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    Mineral Oil FreeTriclosan FreeParaben FreePhthalates Free

    100% Pure Mandarin Oil 

    1. Fresh Lime and basil Body Wash (500 ml x 1 unit) 

    Mandarin Fruit OilFresh lime fruitHoly Basil Leaves

    Lemon and Basil, rich in nutrients and skin-friendly vitamins come together in an indulgent and luxurious body wash by St. D’vence. Infused with the goodness of 100% pure Lime and Basil that have the best anti-inflammatory properties which rejuvenate the skin.
    100% Pure Himalayan Pink Salt

    2. Himalayan Pink Salt Body Wash (500 ml x 1 unit)

    Himalayan Pink SaltLotus OilWhite Water Lily Flower

    Himalayan Pink Salt Shower Gel, rich in skin-friendly minerals and with therapeutic properties is an indulgent body wash with the goodness of 100% pure Pink Himalayan Salt and White Water Lily that fights acne and gently conditions the skin.         


    100% Pure Alphonsa Mango 

    3. Alphonso Mango Body Wash (500 ml x 1 unit) 

    Alphonso Mango SlicesVanilla Beans FlowerUSDA Organic Aloe Vera

    Alphonso Mango, with a high level of vitamin C infused with Vanilla beans has skin cleansing,  anti-bacterial, anti-ageing and anti inflammatory properties that treats skin pores, giving you flawless, nourished and healthy skin.


     100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil

    4. Hemp Seed Oil Body Wash (500 ml x 1 unit)

    Hemp Seed Oil leavesNeem LeavesUSDA Organic Aloe Vera
    Hemp Seed Oil and Aloe Vera, rich essential fatty acids with skin nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, come together in an indulgent body wash by St. D’vence. Infused with the goodness of 100% pure Hemp Seed Oil and Aloe Vera which relieves skin irritation and protects skin ageing.


    100% Pure Aloe Vera

    5. Ocean Drop Body Wash (500 ml x 1 unit) 

    Vegan Collagen BoosterPearl DropsUSDA Organic Aloe Vera
    Organic Aloe Vera and Hydrolysed Collagen come together with the freshness of Ocean Drops in a luxurious shower gel. Infused with skin-friendly benefits and anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera this indulgent shower gel from ST D’VENCE promotes healthy and vibrant skin while giving your skin a boost of vitality and freshness.  



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