Shut the Soap up Sale!! (500ml x 4)

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7 reasons to Shut the Soap Up!!

  • All family members use the same soap - Its unhygienic! 
  • You've spent your entire life thinking soap is cheaper. Rethink!
  • Rectangular soap melts into a ball after 5 uses! 
  • You know it slips 10 times while taking a shower. Sorry 11. 
  • They don't smell as good as our body washes!
  • You love the foaming of soaps. We are beating that left right and centre! 
  • Grow up!

1. Lime and Basil Body Wash, 500 ml

Lemon and Basil, rich in nutrients and skin-friendly vitamins come together in an indulgent and luxurious body wash with anti-inflammatory properties which rejuvenate the skin.



2. Alphonso Mango Body Wash (500 ml x 1 unit) 

Alphonso Mango, with a high level of vitamin C infused with Vanilla beans has skin cleansing,  anti-bacterial, anti-ageing and anti inflammatory properties that treats skin pores, giving you flawless, nourished and healthy skin.



3. Himalayan Pink Salt Body Wash 500 ml

Himalayan Pink Salt Shower Gel, rich in skin-friendly minerals and with therapeutic properties is an indulgent body wash with the goodness of 100% pure Pink Himalayan Salt and White Water Lily that fights acne and gently conditions the skin                         


4. Ocean Drop Body Wash 500 ml

Organic Aloe Vera and Hydrolysed Collagen come together with the freshness of Ocean Drops in a luxurious shower gel. Infused with skin-friendly benefits and anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera this indulgent shower gel from ST D’VENCE promotes healthy and vibrant skin while giving your skin a boost of vitality and freshness.