Rakhi Special Gift Hydration Kit with Beauty Trunk

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Plant Based Hyaluronic Acid.

Products in the Range

Hydrating Face Cream is a professional blend of low-medium-high plant-derived hyaluronic acid molecules that ensure penetration through multiple layers of skin and helps retain skin moisture by holding water 1000x times its weight in water within the cells of skin.

Hydrating Face Wash is a gentle, sulfate-free facial cleanser formulated with molecule balanced plant-based hyaluronic acid which helps retain skin moisture by holding water 1000x times its weight in water within the cells of skin. 

Hydrating Face Serum This hydrating face serum gives a revitalising boost which deeply hydrates the lost moisture of your facial skin. Vitamins and Oils stimulate the regeneration of new skin and repair existing skin damages, giving you younger and healthier skin. 

Hydrating Water GeThis lush water-based face gel gives an instant boost to your skin's hydration and accentuates the dewy fresh morning glow. A powerhouse of vitamins and extracts makes it perfect to apply overnight and keep the Natural moisture barrier intact.

Beauty Trunk (Rs.1299): With extreme utility at the centre, this beauty trunk is especially designed and manufactured for the St. D'vencé Hydrating Range Products. It is a great tool to store all your skin care and cosmetics essentials giving your surrounding a superior look and feel and can be alternatively used as an ideal Rakhi Gift Set.

Other Contents: With each gift set we include 1 Rakhi, Roli & Chawal, chocolate, a little beautiful golden netting, a rich card you can personalise, and some golden gift wrapping paper for you to personalise.

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