Fresh Lime with Mandarin Oil Body Wash, 500 ml

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STDV_LMBBW_500 Rs. 399.00

Lemon and Basil, rich in nutrients and skin-friendly vitamins come together in an indulgent and luxurious body wash, infused with the goodness of 100% pure Lime and Basil that have anti-inflammatory properties which rejuvenate the skin.

Blended with essential Mandarin Oils which are rich in antioxidants, this shower gel from ST D’VENCE nourishes the skin at the deepest levels and gives a pleasant boost to the skin’s natural glow. 


ST. D’vence’ Fresh Lime with Mandarin Oil Body Wash is a meticulously designed formula that replenishes your skin making it fresh and smooth. With the abundance of Aloe Vera, Mandarin Oil and Fresh lime this body  wash forms natural intelligent moisture and water locking film, permanently locking moisture from loss, giving the skin a fresh and bright glow.


This calming and nourishing body wash is a perfect addition to your bathing kit. ST. D’vence’ Fresh Lime with Mandarin Oil Body Wash make your skin fresh and smooth. The brightening properties of Lime, soothing by Mandarin Oil and cleansing of Mango makes this Body Wash a perfect remedy for nourished and beautiful skin. The uplifting scent of lime and mandarin oil add to the refreshing and uplifting skin care experience.