Hydrating Face Cream 100 ml

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Plant Based Hyaluronic Acid.

Did you know Hyaluronic Acid is Naturally present in your skin? 

St. D'vencé Hydrating Face Cream is a professional blend of low-medium-high plant-derived hyaluronic acid molecules that ensure penetration through multiple layers of skin and helps retain skin moisture by holding water 1000x times its weight in water within the cells of skin. Vegan Collagen Booster, Sodium PCA and Vitamin B3 used increase hydration on skin's surface which helps fill up the moisture reservoirs of your facial skin for extensively prolonged hours making your skin supple, moist and healthy





Long Moisturisation : St. D’vencé Hydrating Face Cream is a uniquely formulated ultra-hydrating face cream that instantly replenishes and accentuates hydration in your skin. Specially designed for dehydrated skin this face cream helps retain the lost moisture and thus tapering inflammation and irritation. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium PCA and Vitamin B3 this hydrating face cream retains the natural protective barrier and tolerance to irritation making your skin look nourished, supple and soft.


1000x Water Retention: Our expert blend of molecule balanced plant-derived hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin and helps retain water 1000x times its weight in water within the cells of skin. With the goodness of Vitamin B3 and Sodium PCA, this hydrating face cream fills up your skin palette with moisture and replenishes the loss water giving your skin long-lasting moisturization and making it visibly smoother and healthier.