100% Pure Spanish Olive Oil, 100 ml

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STDV_OLI_100 Rs. 299.00

St. D’vencé 100% pure and natural olive oil in its purest form is loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants that make it a perfect choice for moisturizing the body. It exfoliates the skin by penetrating deep into the skin and removes dead skins. 

Product Features & Benefits:

  • No Parabens | No Mineral Oils | No Sulphates | PEG & PG Free | Hypoallergenic
  • Extra virgin olive oil | Loaded with Vitamin E and Antioxidants | Moisturizes the body | Heals cracked heels | Acts as a lip scrub | Improves nail health | Can Be Used As A Pre-shampoo Treatment | Keeps Hair Healthy | Ideal for all skin types
  • Massage oil | Aromatherapy Oil | Carrier oil
  • Effective for chronic inflammation | anti-inflammatory | Helps prevent stroke | Protective against heart disease | Anti-cancer properties | Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis | Treats depression