100% Pure Indian Neem Oil, 100 ml

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100% Pure and Organic Neem Oil 

St. D’vencé 100% pure and organic Neem Oil is an effective solution to restore damaged skin and hair. It is extremely beneficial to those who suffer from various skin problems.


The properties of the neem tree have been known in the Indian subcontinent for over 4,000 years. St. D’vencé Pure and Natural Neem Oil is a natural antiseptic agent which helps combat acne and promotes healthy skin. Rich in fatty acids, it penetrates into your skin to lock in moisture and sooth dry, cracked or damaged skin.


Neem hair oil is the age-old solution for all hair problems. St. D’vencé Pure and Natural. Neem Oil not only improves your scalp health but also maintains the PH level of the scalp. It enables deep conditioning to frizzy hair thereby retaining the shine and strength of your locks. When applied regularly it not only prevents dandruff but also controls sebum production.